Durham Distrct Retired Greyhounds


26 January 2024

Durham District Retired Greyhounds is a registered charity (charity number 1178882) that helps find forever homes for retired racing greyhounds from the race tracks in the North East.
Greyhounds make wonderful pets. When they finish their racing careers, they retire in every sense of the word. They are friendly, gentle, loyal, and good-natured and they quickly adapt to family life. They only need two short walks a day and will happily spend the rest of their time dozing by your side. Greyhounds get along with children, the elderly and can often live happily with other pets,including cats! Owning a greyhound is one of life’s great joys.
The majority of greyhounds retire from racing between three and five years of age, so they are still relatively young dogs with a long life ahead of them. At any one time, we have around 30 greyhounds of all ages and temperaments available for adoption, so we may have one that's perfect for you.
If you are thinking about a new pet you are welcome to visit our kennels, see the dogs and ask any questions you may have without having to commit to taking a dog.

Please note visits to the kennels are by appointment only.

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