Greyhound Lies on a bed
Greyhound Lies on a bed
A Loving Home

For the beautiful animal at the centre of our industry.

Ownership & Rehoming

A greyhound puppy with its parent

Racing Greyhound Ownership

Greyhound ownership is really rewarding and can cost less than you think. With your dog earning money each time it runs this can cover bills and fees. Owners receive free admission to the stadium when your dog runs, and you're also eligible to join the Owners Club which gives you free admission, free racecards and loads of other discounts.

Brown Greyhound panting

Panther Racing

Anne Cairns setup Panther Racing in 1995 after managing several horse syndicate groups. Anne has to date worked with 35 trainers (horse and greyhound) and gained a wealth of experience, which is utilised each day with members. Greyhounds are now a major factor within Panther and they are building a group of dogs with Yvonne Bell at Sunderland.

Sunderland Greyhound Track

Want To Race At Sunderland?

We work with a number of trainers. If you would like to get involved with racing a greyhound at our stadium, talk to one of these trainers.

Greyhound on a lead

Retired Greyhound Rehoming

Greyhounds make wonderful pets, and generally retire between three and five years of age, so have many years ahead of them. Friendly, gentle and loyal, they quickly adapt to family life, getting on well with children, the elderly and other pets. They only need two short walks a day and will happily spend the rest of their time dozing by your side.

An Old Greyhound with a grey nose

Durham & District Retired Greyhounds

Durham & District Retired Greyhounds help to find forever homes for retired racing greyhounds from Sunderland Greyhound Stadium. At any time we have around 30 greyhounds of all ages and temperaments available for adoption. If you’d like to see which one is perfect for you, you can book an appointment at our kennels to meet the dog and ask us any questions.

For more information on rehoming retired greyhounds, visit 'The Greyhound Trust'.

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Alternatively you can speak to Alison Waggot about rehoming.

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If you have any further questions you can speak to a member of our team.

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